Captain Marvel’s Soundtrack Demonstrates the Power of a Good Girl Power Ballad

Fan-art of Thanos vs Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is not the first mega-budget movie of the modern era to be built around a female superhero-that award went to 2017's far superior Wonder Woman-but it is the first such film in the ever-popular Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the movie often seems to want to celebrate its status. Box Office Mojo reports that overall domestic box office numbers are down 27 percent compared to previous year at this time, and Captain Marvel is expected to outperform all other movie weekends so far in 2019. "That's what this is all about". I'm going because it's a tradition for me and my girlfriend - we go to superhero movies, we eat all the food, we laugh, we relax, we crush on the stars in their superhero suits, we have a really, really great time.

It was the ideal topper to the press conference.

But please think about all of this when your buddy starts trashing Captain Marvel at dinner, looking at the women present as if it's their job to defend the film.

We're hoping that Marvel manages to withhold the rest of the movie's secrets, and don't accidentally publish the final scene on the front of a comic or something, ahead of Avengers: Endgame's release in United Kingdom cinemas on 25 April.

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Following a brief tease during the end-credits scene of Thor, the Tesseract was properly introduced in Marvel's fifth film, Captain America: The First Avenger, which ends with Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) fishing the Cube out of the ocean and ultimately relinquishing it to the 1940s. It's a mix that doesn't work, leaving Larson to somehow conjure a relatable, interesting character from nothing more than murderous Kree resolve and half-formed memories from her earthling past. The film scored an impressive $30 million on its opening day in China.

The film begins like a sci-fi noir: she greets the dawn alone in a small apartment overlooking a city of concrete towers and floating traffic having barely slept, beset by yet another nightmare of a deeply buried yet vague trauma. Reviews from critics weren't as promising, though the release remains "Fresh" with a solid rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In the process of delivering the superhero origin story for Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel raised some important questions that don't have obvious answers and created more than a few continuity problems for the MCU.

Larson has since doubled-down on her stance. But the best examples of the genre offer characters with quirks and flaws, interests and ideas.

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Disney/Marvel StudiosThe movie doesn't even demonstrate her powers all that well. That's everything. That's for everybody.

Yes, Carol is a woman, and this is the first Marvel movie centered on a woman. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are best-known for low-budget, character-driven dramas such as 2006's Half-Nelson and 2015's Mississippi Grind.

The back and forth over Captain Marvel being able to time travel in the MCU is nearly as confusing as time travel itself. She possesses considerable powers - including the ability to shoot photon beams from her hands and travel through space - but is still being instructed on how to harness and control them by her commander and mentor, played by Jude Law.

Khan is a spectacularly powerful figure, but she is also, notably, someone with specific, relatable challenges and struggles to overcome, from what to wear to how to deal with the complex expectations of her family, friends, and community. Why was she never here to help Earth?

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But the heart of the film may be the deep bond between Carol and Maria.

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